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Sending money to your family and loved ones is made easy for you. With our fast and sufficient money transfer services and excellent customer services, you will find out why so many families choose us to deliver their money to their needy family members.

Mustaqbal Express was founded in November 1999 under the laws of the UAE to conduct and operate an international money transfer services. Till then Mustaqbal Express pioneered low rate and instant cash payments all over the world. Today Mustaqbal is a multi-national company offering a range of solutions for money transfer and money exchange services and through its most recent acquisition, Real state. The company's services can be found in more than 605 locations, including supermarkets, restaurants, general retailers and convenience stores.

We provide very affordable rates that will fit in your budget and allow you to send the support your family and loved ones deserve. We are continually expanding our services to reach out all communities around the world. Please ask your local branch if our services cover your desired area.

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